Friday, June 5, 2009

Pinoy Tech Podcast 06: The Backchannels of Democracy

Recorded live during the Google Map Maker community party at Bubba Gump in Greenbelt 3 Makati City! We talk about the GSIS/IBM debacle, computerized elections in the Philippines, and the growing importance of Citizen Media. There's a lot of background noise during the recording of this podcast but it may have contributed to the charm of this episode. No edits were made at all!

Show is hosted by Jerome Gotangco, Migs Paraz, Jon Limjap and Aileen Apolo. Running time 45:30.

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You can also listen to the episode by using the embedded player below.


  1. Hey Guys... sorry if I missed it, but what did you guys use to record this podcast in the restaurant? It has background noise, but it's just ambient noise, and not intrusive at all. iPhone?

  2. Wow! Keep it up, Google Map help for Davao City? I can volunteer ;) Keep this podcast up ;)

  3. Hi Gerry, GarageBand for the Mac was used to record this episode. I forgot to bring my condenser mic so I used a Polycom Hands-free kit (C100) which may have caused to get more background noise. The ambient noise was expected although in some parts, you can really hear Aileen shrieking in the background :)

  4. Re: Automation of Elections

    I perfectly agree with Jerome on the aspect of social engineering affecting the outcome of the elections. What would really determine the success of the automation of the polls is the "human factor".

    I'm no insider and this is not my line of work, pero I think - in my humble opinion, technology cannot fix "human greed".

  5. Long time no hear. Any plans of a new episode?

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