Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pinoy Tech Podcast 01: Swapping Betamax Tapes

Our special Friday the 13th pilot episode! Join Dean Berris, Jon Limjap, Migs Paraz, Aileen Apolo and Jerome Gotangco for our special one and a half hour discussion of the local technology scene. Rom Feria couldn't join but sends his regards.

In this special pilot, we discuss how this podcast came to be, how micro-blogs like Twitter and Plurk have been instrumental on getting this show together, along with other enabling factors like Skype and blogs. We also discuss how micro-blogs enhance or affect blogging habits along with its effect on the local blogosphere.

In the news, we discuss about House Bill 4315, the Anti Cyber "Boso" bill and an article about Open Source desktop adoption in the Philippines.

If you are wondering if we will be adding support for iTunes, its on the pipeline. Please do give feedback on what you think about this episode and what needs to be improved by leaving a comment.

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You can also listen to the first episode by using the embedded player below.


  1. Long and dreadful but very insightful indeed.

    Congrats for the uber-successful podcast pilot episode!

    Good thing the Fri-13 bug did not bite any of the podcasters... :P

  2. @marc robinsone Just a bit of the Friday the 13th bug happening in the background (mostly from my end - airplane passing by and my phone kept ringing and someone was breathing down my neck!)... I hope it got edited out =)

  3. Aileen I didn't edit that hehehe. I barely edited anything :-)

  4. Yes, i agree, a bit too long and sometimes a bit dreadful (heheh) but very informative :-) Keep it up!

  5. shyet aileen!!! ikaw nga yan sa podcast!!!! wala lang .. nagulat lang ako ..