Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pinoy Tech Podcast 02: Rotary phones made of bakelite

Join Dean Berris, Jon Limjap, Migs Paraz, and Jerome Gotangco for Episode 02 of Pinoy Tech Podcast. In this episode we discuss about Google Maps in the Philippines, Google Latitude, the ubiquity of the Internet in the Philippine setting and the local job market during a global recession.

While the sound quality of this episode is great, I apologize for some instances where I seem to be playing around with the microphone. I was using a Polycom Communicator hands free unit for this episode and wanted to test it out but it seems to be picking up too much sound. That's one more thing to learn for next episode.

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  1. It appears that the original feeds posted as well as the iTunes support doesn't work properly so I had to fix them up (Episode 02 was not downloading at all). The feed is now at and this works nicely.

    If you're using iTunes, stay tuned a bit as I'm waiting for things to get fixed over there. Adding a podcast in iTunes is as simple as submitting a feed but it needs to be approved manually so we'll have to wait for that.

  2. Downloaded the mp3,, but it was cut at 25:30,,, is it just me?

    Getting better on sound quality.. great topics...

  3. Thanks for checking out the podcast! The sound quality has improved for this one but there is still a lot to fix and learn along the way.

    The running time should be around 1:10:45 and the file size around 34MB. If you go to the Internet Archive link you'll be able to stream from there as well.

  4. Dunno if you guys know this, but you can manually subscribe to the podcast on iTunes using the podcast feed. Advanced > Subscribe to podcast

  5. Thanks Dean, I should have added that to the subscribe links at the side. Anyway, I'll have the iTunes RSS fixed today.

  6. At least, finished listening to Episode 2...

    Waiting for the next episode..