Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pinoy Tech Podcast 04: The Internet in the Philippines 15 years ago

On March 29, 1994, the first Internet link from the USA was established in the Philippines by a consortium named PHNET. Join us as we remember the Internet in the Philippines 15 years ago and how it has shaped online usage habits today. We also talk about the seeming stagnation of quality of Computer Science education in the Philippines.

Show is hosted by Jerome Gotangco, Migs Paraz, Dean Berris and Jon Limjap . Running time 1:02:13

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  1. Isn't it time for Episode #5???

  2. Oo nga. Btw, nice work on this episode. A little audio tweaking would be nice though - specially when you LOL. I was very young when you guys were already on the Internet scene - however, I recall that my late father founded one of the first Filipino websites. Sige search ko if any of you guys are interested.

  3. We actually recorded an episode last week but the quality was a bit bad with regards to content so I decided to keep that in the pinoy tech podcast vault for future use and embarrassment ;-)

    Anyway, we'll be recording again this week so expect a new episode over the weekend. Thanks!

  4. It's almost a month now since the last podcast...
    Waiting for the new episode....

  5. I remember the Internet rather fondly back in 1997 when I first went online. Oh wait, maybe not too fondly because the speed was just insanely slow. But I loved how new everything was. I couldn't wait to get my own website up there. I used Netscape Composer to do it, and registered my site at Infoseek. ha! ha! Do you guys remember that TV show "The Site" hosted by Soledad O'Brien who must have been the "crush ng Internet" back in the day. We had a virtual reality Leo Laporte in Dev Null. It was a great show and I was sad to see it go.