Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pinoy Tech Podcast 03: The 40 day social network abstinence

Another Friday the 13th episode! We discuss about the E-heads concert where Qik and made a splash along with other social networks, the late Francis Magalona and Multiply, the upcoming Smart Bro HSPA+WiFi offering, the Sony Vaio P, and the Linux dilemma in the netbook space in the face of Windows 7 and the still unconfirmed Apple netbook offering.

Show is hosted by Jerome Gotangco, Rom Feria and Migs Paraz. Running time 55:11.

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  1. about ubuntu not gaining much on netbook share, is probably because of some more things and not just the UI, you also have regressions, unported popular applications and the unfamiliarity of the OS as a whole, i still believe though that the UI will slowly catch up in time, whenever that may be. :D

  2. As for my experience, UI is not the problem with Linux, most of my customer (I'm on sales with a computer manufacturer selling netbooks) don't know Linux and returns happen due to "incompatibility" of softwares and hardwares they have.

    Truth is, I haven't used Linux full time since Ubuntu 8.10 came. Cause my printer never worked with linux. I only used it in vmware while experimenting server setups.

  3. yeah got to watch the last part of the eheads concert with aileen in the comforts of her home on 2 laptops watching the streaming video feed of someone from the e-comm building at the MOA grounds. we started watching at the 325 viewer mark and it went straight up to 740+ after around 20 minutes during the finale.

    i just recently installed windows 7 beta just because my xp desktop is sluggish and i didn't have time to optimize it. so i just swapped drives, got an old HD, and installed win7beta. everything seems good except for the permissions cause my files in my xp drive have a different user. :( i wanted to run ubuntu but on a separate and less powerful pc. may learning curve pa rin ang ubuntu but it's minimal. i think people are still scared of running an unfamiliar OS and dont have liberty of asking friends how to fix it or do something if you get stuck. it's like asking someone how to enter a formula in calc and they'd reply that what's that ? i use excel. even if the solution is the same thing, just a different app.